Thursday, July 12, 2012

Valued Camaraderie

While in the process of searching for a new job as a school psychologist, I have found myself to reach levels of frustration, despair, worry, hopelessness, stress, hallucinations, irrational thoughts, the list goes on (you get my point) that I did not know were possible for someone who is generally a very happy, sane, and positive individual to actually reach. I mean, I may have looked through the DSM-IV (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) to self-diagnose my crazy ass. Don't worry... I don't appear to meet the criteria for any disorders- yet.

Through this "process" I have grown to have a very small understanding of what others go through who are unemployed longer than is a generally safe or reasonable period of time. However, I must say that this whole unemployment thing is not something I could tolerate for more than a couple of months; otherwise, my friends and family would be visiting me in a psychiatric treatment facility. I give a lot of credit (where credit is due) to those who have had to play this unemployment game far too long over the past few years and have managed to "keep it together" for however they choose to define that phrase.

I have also come to realize during this "process" (end of May until this week) that those people in my life who I crave support and faith from is far more valuable than I have ever realized. I am a talker and so naturally, those who are in my life and are important to me are kept abreast (ha ha, funny word) of what has been going on with my unemployment status. I have always valued my close relationships with my girl-friends and not surprisingly, they have been the most uplifting and encouraging throughout this time. I couldn't be more thankful for all of my fabulous girl-friends during this "process"... or for that matter, at any time of the day, month, year, life experience or whatever.

They are terrific.

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